Raw Reggaeton

With dancers Csilla & Szádi, these Hungarians show the world exactly the kind of power, energy, and sensual draw which reggaeton has around the world!

Oh man now I just want to learn all these styles and see what comes out of it!

So much shaking.


Turn Me On

I freaking LOVE this song. It’s the most insanely catchy dance-able number and it’s so good I may have to post different choreos of it again and again. Turn Me On by Kevin Lyttle, with an amazingly simple, fun dance routine by Equipe Alan Brasil!

There’s a lot of dance-hall inspired hip movement, very intuitive footwork, and a lot of FLOW. Try it out at the club folks this one is one of those dances that oozes sexuality but at the same time is filled with power and purpose.

Basically, it’s a dance that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is all about good vibes and a great time. Love it!

Speakeasies – Cold Tea, and How to Start the PARTY

Oh man, something a little different.

I’m going to document and share with you guys some of my personal dance adventures, wherever they may be, whenever they happen! Tonight I had the chance to go to Cold Tea for the first time at Kensington Market in Toronto, a Speakeasy kind of dig. Sweet!

Entering the place, I was pleasantly surprised by the grungy yet full-of-character vibe. The dim sum lady was also really cool, but I forgot to try her food! Darn, next time. Cold Tea seems to be one of those places where immediately you feel at home. There’s a nice patio, and people just mingling, talking. Great, wonderful, cool cool but I didn’t come here to talk I came here to DANCE.

Shamefully, there was no dance floor. I’m serious. There was some sweet bass-rich house music thumping along by the wonderful DJs, and the most I saw was the kind-of-almost-head-bop-but-oh-wait-nobody’s-doing-it-oops. NO WAY. I CAN’T LET THIS FLY. So I did what any self-respecting lover of a great time would do. I took on the Batman-like symbolic role of the party starter. This was my destiny. I carved out a small space to get my groove on. And just chipped at it. Few minutes in, everyone thinks im crazy. Few more minutes, okay so now I’m getting a few shy sly smiles and people’s eyes light up. Are they staring at me? Are they judging me? My foolish moves and utter alone-ness in dance? WHO. GIVES. A. FIDDLER’S. FART. I’m having a KICK of a time and I was DETERMINED TO HAVE A GOOD NIGHT NO MATTER WHAT. Boom.

Fast forward an hour. Now people are MOVING! The place is sweaty and hot and everybody’s groovin fine. All those still sitting on the side watch on with envy as the dancers strut their stuff and just let loose. Positive energy and vibes all around. How on earth did we get here! Some may say it was the calling of drink. I politely disagree. Sure, alcohol may help loosen some peeps up, but it still takes that one silly goose to lay his/her ego on the line and shake things up.

Tonight that silly goose was me.

It’s simple, all you gotta do is don’t worry too much about the outcomes. Dance your ass off and have a good time. In fact, whether a party starts or not, you WILL have a good time because your good time isn’t dependent on anything external, it’s just you, the music, the dance! But I promise you this, if you decide to risk everything, to go all in for the sake of starting the party. Well, when the party starts (and it INEVITABLY WILL, UNLESS THIS IS A NEXT LEVEL LAME CROWD), it will be ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AMAZING. And it’ll all be thanks to you. Yes you. Go get em tiger! So to all you party-starters and would-be party starters. I have the utmost respect for all of ya’ll. Boys and girls. Thanks for starting the party, for making it an amazing night for everybody involved. You peeps are true heroes. I salute thee.

By the end of the night I had people coming up to me thanking me for being so fun and for getting the party going, a lot of people wanted to dance but “couldn’t find it in them”. No worries, I’ll do it for you, I”ll take the heat, the flak. I just want to have a good time, and I want you to have a GREAT time.

Till the next dance adventure! Share with us a time you’ve started a party, or failed to start one (oh man have I had plenty of THOSE!).

Dance on, dance on!

Sass, Heart and Crispy Smooth

The Company decimates the stage and makes it truly their own. I love how they incorporate funny and whimsical moves (That SHAKE) as well as pay homages to classic legends of dance.

But their MUSICALITY. WOW. Even though they’re so in sync, vibing with each other and the beats like clockwork, don’t let that fool you. These guys blast love in everything that they do – just look at their faces!

It’s incredible how they showcase such a wide range of appreciation for different styles of music and styles of dance. Though the show displays a bunch of pieces, there’s a unified thread that ties them altogether – a thread woven in the youthful energy of the school-blazer-inspired out fits as well as a mutual love of dance and the expression of one’s passion.

I Never Knew Laundromats Could Be So Fun!

HelloGiggles shows us how it’s done. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Laundromat style!

Her style is all energy and fizzles of bubbles but yes. Mainly energy. Tons and tons and tons of ENERGY.

It is a dance born of steps. hand-waves. moves-synchronized-to-hand-claps, and a WHOLE LOT OF SHIMMYING.


Well kids, just watch!

A-Z of Dance


Not that much to say about this one just that there are way too many awesome moves to learn and to be inspired by.

The Death Drop is pretty hilarious I can imagine people trying this one out in the middle of the street. On second thought. Please don’t.

The Indian Bhangra is also amazing. Jump Style is intense as ****. Pole dancing is also ridiculous. Wow if only I could do that!

Rumba. That’s WAY too many turns! How she is not dizzy beyond human limits is beyond me. Not hatin the Whine either 😉

Have fun!

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Clay-Doh

Clay-Doh is the MAN.

This video always brings a smile to my face, it’s Clay-Doh going absolutely bonkers to his own grooves in a shopping mall. It’s infectious fun and a whole wok-full of devil may care attitude. Freaking fantastic.

The best part is just watching him interact with the strangers around him, making them smile and brightening their days just a tad with his injection of awesome positive energy into their daily lives.

Okay I lied.

The best part is DEFINITELY admiring Clay-Doh’s infinite arsenal of moves and witnessing how much damn FUN the guy is having.

This is why we dance.

27 Dance Crazes from Music Videos

Purely for fun, a trip down memory lane!

Oh man so many CLASSICS! the Macarena, Mambo No 5, CRANK DAT STANKY LEG.

Yeah if you memorize these moves I can’t promise you riches, fortune, or fame, but I CAN personally guarantee that you’ll be hilarious at the clubs and on the dancefloor. Try bringing back one of these moves and see who joins in! It’s always hilarious when you swap and learn new moves with strangers! No need to take yourself too seriously just have fun with it!

What’s your favourite “move” from a music video or that you’ve seen around?

Comment and share with us!

Always love jiving to new styles.

Miss Independent

Ne-Yo. The consummate performer. Whichever way you prefer 😉

His stage presence is incredible, he just owns the platform without having to show off, without having to dazzle with props and effects, without screaming for attention.

He’s walks on. It’s all his. “I’m here.”

Style, elegance, soul. This man has it all.

And an independent woman? Hell yeah that’s the kind of girl I do like.

Glide on Ne-Yo. Glide on.

Body On Me

Oldie and a goldie. Body On MeNelly ft. Ashanti, Akon

This tune is just so fun to blast at any time of the day and night, the keys set the scene with a brief hop and all that melody. Scratch in the beat, and it’s done. It’ll be stuck on your mind for days.

Literally have no idea why so many words of the song are blotted out, just pretend it’s some strange syncopation.

The miniature dance move Nelly and Akon repeat again and again through the song is hilarious. I’m imagining the club doing that in sync and wow we could get some silly viral things going!

Keep it real peeps.