Dancers – The Insane, The Mad, The Beautiful.

Although not really a dance video, this clip by Jason Silva (host of National Geographic’s critically acclaimed TV show “Brain Games”), talks about reality (or the lack thereof), and the beauty behind those who dare to be different, dare to go out and try something completely bold and new, to express themselves fully whatever others might think.

Isn’t that why we dance?

Ladies Choice

immaBEAST brings out the ladies in this piece that’s shot beautifully and edited with cinematography in mind!

There’s sass, attitude, energy, scary-freaky-awesome, and a bit of GirlBOSS flying everywhere.

Anyone who said the ladies can’t go as hard as the fellas…

Yeah right.


Kyle Hanagami choreographs Beyonce’s YONCE in sleek, seductive, sexy black and white.

This dance is interesting in that the backup fellas are understated but oh so necessary! They let the female lead dancer show off her unique personality and sexuality by providing a solid backdrop to compliment her bounce.

And yeah, she does really steal the show! The moves convey 150% attitude.

She owns it. She knows it. Your turn.

I love how she’s so casual yet juxtaposes those slow deliberate movements with sharp, crisp, cutting, “here I am” moments. Simultaneously inviting, dangerous, immensely feminine, incredibly powerful.

And the way she utilizes her clothes (specially that BLAZER) in the routine! DAYUUUUUUM.

That’s FIRE.


From Freeway Dance Centre, a Classical and Contemporary dance choreography on Ludovico Einaudi’s Divenire.

I’ll be honest. I don’t really understand Classical dance and I find it hard to appreciate, because my dance-sensibilities are almost always heavily grounded in the rhythmic beats of a drum or the smooth underbelly of a bass lick.

Nevertheless, this dance definitely adds another kinetic layer of depth to the already beautiful song. There is a sense of growth, of longing, of release.

This is a dance of freedom, of fighting against constraints and on letting yourself go.

Enra – “Pleiades”

Simply Mesmerizing.

Enra, a performance troupe from Japan, seeks to marry the beauties of dance, technology, and visual art into pure amazement that transcends all three forms.

It’s almost as if you can visualize the energy and “meaning” behind the dance through the light and shapes projected on stage. It really is experiencing dance in an entirely new way. Almost spiritual in nature… Wow. It’s just an absolute joy to behold.

I’ll shush now and let you enjoy the piece!


Okay so this song actually spawns way too many awesome dance videos NOT to reference it over and over.

Now we have dancers from Berlin, Germany dancing to a cover of Pharrell’s Happy.

I didn’t know shopping malls could be filled with so much fun and energy! Can we please, please do this in Toronto. Damn.

It’s great to see all these different styles and interpretations of “happiness”. We’ve got contemporary, poppin, crumpin, ballet-inspired, breaking, ridiculous acrobatics… everything!

oh diggity I need to party in Berlin!


Yes. Balam Pichkari by Pritam Chakraborty is literally just one big party. The Festival of Colours whoooooo!!!

Wanted to share the music video here because it’ so full of colour and fun energy. You’ll be itching to run outside and throw colours at all your neighbors in no time!