Dancers – The Insane, The Mad, The Beautiful.

Although not really a dance video, this clip by Jason Silva (host of National Geographic’s critically acclaimed TV show “Brain Games”), talks about reality (or the lack thereof), and the beauty behind those who dare to be different, dare to go out and try something completely bold and new, to express themselves fully whatever others might think.

Isn’t that why we dance?


Enra – “Pleiades”

Simply Mesmerizing.

Enra, a performance troupe from Japan, seeks to marry the beauties of dance, technology, and visual art into pure amazement that transcends all three forms.

It’s almost as if you can visualize the energy and “meaning” behind the dance through the light and shapes projected on stage. It really is experiencing dance in an entirely new way. Almost spiritual in nature… Wow. It’s just an absolute joy to behold.

I’ll shush now and let you enjoy the piece!

Speakeasies – Cold Tea, and How to Start the PARTY

Oh man, something a little different.

I’m going to document and share with you guys some of my personal dance adventures, wherever they may be, whenever they happen! Tonight I had the chance to go to Cold Tea for the first time at Kensington Market in Toronto, a Speakeasy kind of dig. Sweet!

Entering the place, I was pleasantly surprised by the grungy yet full-of-character vibe. The dim sum lady was also really cool, but I forgot to try her food! Darn, next time. Cold Tea seems to be one of those places where immediately you feel at home. There’s a nice patio, and people just mingling, talking. Great, wonderful, cool cool but I didn’t come here to talk I came here to DANCE.

Shamefully, there was no dance floor. I’m serious. There was some sweet bass-rich house music thumping along by the wonderful DJs, and the most I saw was the kind-of-almost-head-bop-but-oh-wait-nobody’s-doing-it-oops. NO WAY. I CAN’T LET THIS FLY. So I did what any self-respecting lover of a great time would do. I took on the Batman-like symbolic role of the party starter. This was my destiny. I carved out a small space to get my groove on. And just chipped at it. Few minutes in, everyone thinks im crazy. Few more minutes, okay so now I’m getting a few shy sly smiles and people’s eyes light up. Are they staring at me? Are they judging me? My foolish moves and utter alone-ness in dance? WHO. GIVES. A. FIDDLER’S. FART. I’m having a KICK of a time and I was DETERMINED TO HAVE A GOOD NIGHT NO MATTER WHAT. Boom.

Fast forward an hour. Now people are MOVING! The place is sweaty and hot and everybody’s groovin fine. All those still sitting on the side watch on with envy as the dancers strut their stuff and just let loose. Positive energy and vibes all around. How on earth did we get here! Some may say it was the calling of drink. I politely disagree. Sure, alcohol may help loosen some peeps up, but it still takes that one silly goose to lay his/her ego on the line and shake things up.

Tonight that silly goose was me.

It’s simple, all you gotta do is don’t worry too much about the outcomes. Dance your ass off and have a good time. In fact, whether a party starts or not, you WILL have a good time because your good time isn’t dependent on anything external, it’s just you, the music, the dance! But I promise you this, if you decide to risk everything, to go all in for the sake of starting the party. Well, when the party starts (and it INEVITABLY WILL, UNLESS THIS IS A NEXT LEVEL LAME CROWD), it will be ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AMAZING. And it’ll all be thanks to you. Yes you. Go get em tiger! So to all you party-starters and would-be party starters. I have the utmost respect for all of ya’ll. Boys and girls. Thanks for starting the party, for making it an amazing night for everybody involved. You peeps are true heroes. I salute thee.

By the end of the night I had people coming up to me thanking me for being so fun and for getting the party going, a lot of people wanted to dance but “couldn’t find it in them”. No worries, I’ll do it for you, I”ll take the heat, the flak. I just want to have a good time, and I want you to have a GREAT time.

Till the next dance adventure! Share with us a time you’ve started a party, or failed to start one (oh man have I had plenty of THOSE!).

Dance on, dance on!

5 Reasons Why I Love Grimy Nightclubs

The Experience: Cheap, Loud and Dirty.

Confession time. I love nightclubs. Nothing thrills my fluttering heart more than the ear-crushing WUB WUB WUUBBB of crispy, gut wrenching bass notes pounding out of over-the-top Godzilla-sized speakers.


This is you. Every night. All night. [Image:]

Okay, so glossing over the fact that these establishments are often home to some of the sleaziest finest members of society, there are a TON OF POSITIVES from these dirty dancing extravaganzas that so many people don’t fully appreciate! Before casting aside the possibilities for an incredible time and choosing instead to throw stacks upon stacks at bottles, fancy cushioned seating, and nicer pricier places, you should know that glorious fun times await if you’re just willing to drop low and get DOWWWWWWNN.

1. There’s actual dancing (kind of, sometimes, maybe). 


My kind of party. [Image:]

Ya’ll already KNOW why you came to a club in the first place. To pick up bahd gals, studmuffins, and get belligerently drunk outta yo mindd DANCE YOUR ASS OFF. At a nice cozy sweaty nightclub full of questionable people and equally questionable bass drops, your body can do no other than shake itself relentlessly – perhaps in the vain hope that you’ll forget why you stepped foot in this cesspit in the first place. But I digress. Point is, people might actually move!

2. Crazy awesome people, and some that are plain crazy.


The quiet ones. [Image:]

The second great benefit is that there are all sorts of cool and crazy people just waiting to have intelligent conversations with you. Most of these Academy-Award worthy dialogues start with WHOAA DUUDDEEEEEE! or I LOVE YOU OH MY GOD!!! Have no fear. Put on your party hats and strap on your “what duh” seatbelt. Sometimes you’ll find genuinely sweet peeps to party with. And if they’re just flat out annoying? Just tune em out, I mean, that’s what loud, incomprehensible music is for!

3. When the music just POPS!


Why would you bring snacks to a – oh nevermind. [Image:]

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the whole EDM thing. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes nothing gets you going more than air-bending synthesized vibrations, but for me, hip hop is where it’s AT. A little bit of latin flair, a bit of old school, a pinch of this, a taste of that. The best nights happen when the music just makes SENSE. Swaggin when you’re feelin fly and simmering saucy when you’re down to get frisky. Variety is the spice of life. If you’re lucky enough to be enraptured by a sweet groove, you’ll know what I mean.

4. Your confidence determines EVERYTHING.

Your adventures, the kind of people you end up meeting, the kind of night you have. Be confident about yourself, be brave and try something different and swell things will happen! Too many people are trapped inside their heads, thinking “what if” and “what will they think” and “oh shit” and shit. That’s a whole load of baloney. Nobody gives a fiddler’s fart about what you do (and if they do be fartin, it’s probably a compliment, embrace it) because they’re all too busy worrying about themselves! Stay healthy, be positive about what the night may bring. Don’t worry too much about expectations and external factors you can’t control, YOU decide the awesomeness of your night. Trust me. (Shameless self-hype: pump yourself up with some tunes in my Tunes and Grooves posts!)


All you need for the club. [Image:]

5. Learning how to give ZERO FUCKS and have a GREAT time no matter what.


Where oh where did I put them? [Image:]

At the end of it, this is undoubtedly one of my favorite things about grimy nightclubs. You learn very quickly that if you want to have a great time, you’re going to have to find a way to genuinely enjoy what you’re doing. It’s hot and sweaty. Why would you subject yourself to such pleasurable conditions unless you found a way to have fun? We dance because we want to express ourselves, be it frustration, happiness, joy, animalistic urges etc. So do it! People might talk. Okay. Swell. But while they’re wishing they had a quarter of a fraction of the cojones you have, you’re out there ripping the dancefloor a new one. Remember, even if there is literally NOTHING going for you at the club, at the end of the night, IT’S SOME DAMN GOOD CARDIO!


A night well spent. [Image:]

  Have fun!

Lace up your shoes and hit the town!


Life is far too short to laze about on your gentle bum while FLY SHIT is happening EVERYWHERE.

That’s what this blog is all about.

Groove to some sexy tunes, hop on a dance adventure with me, hype yourself up and then go out and HAVE A BALL.

Too many people on this fair planet don’t seem to let loose for a good time. We all love a good time. Know what’s better? An EPIC AWESOME  NIGHT OF UNFATHOMABLE GREATNESS. That’s what EVERY NIGHT OUT should be. NO. EXCEPTIONS. Doesn’t matter if you’re out there raving hard, dancing dirty, or straight up playing board games and sipping that bubblicious bubble tea.

Okay. You could stay at home like I am right now. Friday night. 2:22 AM. Thumb-twiddling marathon.



So, I’m taking a break from burning a hole through my insoles because I WANT YOU TO HAVE A GOOD TIME, nay, an EPIC AWESOME TIME.

Peace and love my friends. Now put on some pants/dresses/onesies and GET OUT THERE!