David Zepeda & Paulina Posadas [Mambo]

Check out this video of On2  Mambo World Champions David Zepeda & Paulina Posadas at the 2015 edition of Salsa on St. Clair in Toronto!

They dance with such effortless grace and precision. It’s crazy how easy and smooth they make everything look. And how on-time and MUSICAL it is. They incorporate dance as a form of storytelling and it’s obvious how much more effective a performance is when it’s not just a mash-up of “super-difficult moves” but an emotional tale of awesome exhibited through dance.

That “mi Amor” and cheeky kiss at 1:17 is EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

Check it out. World Class performance level salsa.

Bitch Better Have My Money

I can’t freaking believe how good this choreo is or how DAMN FIRE these dancers are! Tricia Miranda’s choreography is on point as always.

Three seconds in and it’s shivers all around. That girl in the middle (Jade Chynoweth) is an absolute BEAST. The expressions. Body language. Attitude.

If you need some sass in your life. Watch this. Now.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


Love this song, cinematography and dance by Brian Puspos and crew! Love the Quentin Tarantino-esque gas station setting and cowboy vibes.

Clean dancing and tons of fun. Highlights include the contrast between quick sharp movements and chill-slow.  And that gun motion at 2:19! wooo!

As always, Brian is on POINT with top notch lyricism and character. You can’t help but enjoy how much he feels the tune and dance!

Terry SalsAlianza & Amely Killing It

Terry SalsAlianza is one motherfucking cool dude.

The way he feels musicality and emotes with every fiber of his being. DAMN!

If you want to know how salsa is done right, look no further cause this video is amazing and so full of fun. A touch of class here and there, sprinkle some sexiness. Okay we have magic.

And yes. Amely also dances full of flavour and life. She’s effortlessly beautiful.

Enjoy yourself!

La La La

Haven’t really had a chance to post lately, forgive me!

Today we bring you an amazingly fun and entertaining dance from Unique Crew on La La La (Kaos Remix) by Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith.

Immediately you see the fun and enjoyment of the dancers – the monkeying about before the choreography starts is testament to that!

Undoubtedly it’s the cleanliness of the moves that give this dance it’s cutting edge. It’s a beautiful blend of sharpness and fluidity.

The abrupt shift in style at the breakdown is also hilarious!


Go Down

Been debating putting this one up cause it might be a tad TOO HOT for you peeps. But nah, great dancing is great dancing and damn Cassandra Fox can DANCE.

With a background and training in belly dancing, Cassandra brings a belly dance flair and style to this fusion piece with some sweet Trini music and that Caribbean spice.


And she absolutely OWNS it with her expressions and body language. Okay. The compliments just keep on coming.

Just love it when people blend their own experiences in dance with different musical traditions and styles, always cool to see people’s own individual takes on any tune.

Keep dancing Cassandra, you’ve amazing.


Samba, Samba, Samba!

Amy Mills is simply incredible.

Her brilliant pink costume is glorious to behold. But we’re not here to see a fashion show. It’s her dancing that seals the deal.

And my oh my, what dancing that IS!

What stands out immediately is Amy’s love and feel of the music. She has the true gift of musicality. Couple that with an incredible infectious positive energy and superb technique… And you’ve got a samba queen ready to strut her stuff!

One of the best qualities of this routine is how Amy spices it up and alternates seamlessly between high energy, percussive samba dancing with sensual hip movement and sudden slowing of tempo. The result? Power and fun when need be, sexy and passionate when the time’s just right.

And she works the crowd too! Okay. She’s damn near perfect.


The Haka War-Dance

How do you simultaneously boost morale while intimidating your opponents into quiet submission? The New Zealand Maori peoples have figured it out – a brutal war dance, of course!

Blending elements of mythical creation stories, historical tribal warfare, and pure passion, the Haka is a sight to be reckoned with.

A wee different from the usual conception of “dance”, but even here, a war-dance illustrates how dance can be used to express one’s emotions, exorcise inner demons and fears, and inspire us to victory.

Kia Rite! KIA RITE!

Paris Charleston!

Join JB Mino & Oliv Wan as they explore the wild wacky energetic world of Charleston dance on the streets of Paris with other Charleston enthusiasts!

The Charleston fits perfectly with the cosmopolitan “City of Love”. Heartwarming and carefree, watching these Parisian dancers show off their fancy footwork and unstoppable groove definitely highlights both the architectural marvels of the city as well as the colourful, fun-filled atmosphere you’re bound to find if you just let loose and set your feet free!

Though derived from the West-African Juba dance, it’s evident that those who’ve adopted the Charleston prefer a more up-tempo movement and motion emphasizing jumps and kicks as opposed to the very grounded styles of the most prevalent African dances.

I’m curious as to why this is! Is it a cultural evolution? An environmental adaptation?

It’s a gross over-generalization, but I’m genuinely curious as to why so many North American and European dances have an emphasis on up-rightness, Latin American dances on the hip motion, and African dances on knee-bend and lower body positioning. If any of you have any ideas I’d love to discuss this with all of you! Enjoy the video and have a great weekend everybody! 

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Definitely been digging and exploring African dance styles lately. This one is choreography by LipStik Bandits on Davido’s Skelewu – my current Nigerian dance tune obsession.

The interplay between the dust-evoking rhythms, the delicate bell-like sounds and the infectiously catchy melody elevates Skelewu to the upper echelons of “irresistibly danceable” in my books.

From the dance itself, I found it fascinating how at 0:17 the dancers move back and forth pivoting their heel-toes in a way reminiscent to the Charleston dance which took America by storm during the 1920s. It’s always amazing to see how different dance styles have influenced each other across time and space!

Stylistically, this is my favourite rendition of Skelewu I’ve ever seen. This is due in large part to  the powerful assertive movements which these two wonderful dancers harness to interpret and feel the music. There’s a ton of feeling and it’s incredibly evident during the refrains where both dancers move as if they’re “playing” the instruments. I wish I could move my knees like that.

It’s a sexy dance for sure – one that suggests you’ll have to bring your A game to stand a whiff of a chance on the dance floor.

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