Controlla – Dancehall/Afrobeat

Been a MINUTE. Check out this amazing choreography by Shellee Samuels on Drake’s fire song “Controlla” (This is the first version with Popcaan. More dancehall flavours). Starts off with those island vibes and moves and then straight afrobeat. Enjoy!


Oliver Pineda & Kate Gutnichenko – On2 Salsa

Beautiful salsa dance from Oliver Pineda & Kate Gutnichenko. It’s got a lot of musicality fused in it and both dancers make everything look so smooth and effortless. This is a great dance to showcase On 2 because it’s very apparent that the breaks sync with the open slaps on the conga. It’s a dance that makes the dancers forget where they are because they’re hopelessly lost and present in the music.

Sensual and romantic. This is what salsa can do to you!


I can’t believe I only just discovered the beastly Queen of Polyswagg Parris Goebel. She’s an amazing choreographer and dancer who puts 140% personality and attitude into her dances. Her dances are full of power, control and grace. And a few bucketfuls of effortless cool.

This dance showcases Parris Goebel and her crew’s interpretative and unique ways of dancing. Each dancer injects elements of their own personality into the choreo and it’s a beautiful blend of technique + emotion.

You know it, you know it.

Come Into My Room

I can’t remember if I’ve already posted this one but if I have it’s worth watching twice. Nay, THREE TIMES (or more!) Beautiful choreography to Mavado’s Dancehall tune Come Into My Room. Laure absolutely KILLS it. Pure attitude and incredible body control.

Her routine oozes sex and character.

Yeah, she’s DANGEROUS.

Lean On

It’s definitely not legal to be THIS good. This dance routine by Kinjaz to Lean On by Major Lazer @ DJ Snake featuring MØ is nothing short of spectacular. The lines are clean as fuck, the backdrop is beautiful (that waterfall!) and the lyrical interpretation through playful movements… beautiful!

The entire thing is so clean it’s dirty. Have fun!

Amarulah Choreography

Love this choreography and this crazy catchy tune. Yes, watching this vid spawned many hours combing through African music videos on Youtube. I love how this crew demonstrates some of the popular dance styles present in Africa today. Bring any of these moves onto the dancefloor and you’ll be  FIRE HOT!

Of the different styles, which is your favourite? I love them all – it’s the attitude and character that really spices up the moves. Alkayida and Ngololo have got to be my top ones.

Now to dance!

Azonto & Alkayida Choreo

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted, time to jump back into it!

This one’s a fun little choreography from Switch at Francis Brako on Youtube. It incorporates elements of two popular Ghanaian dance styles – Azonto and Alkayida.

Nothing’s crazy complicated but that’s what I love about this video. It’s a lot of fun and the moves are extremely easy to recreate and learn from. It’s an absolute boatload of happiness when danced in groups!

Hope you enjoy this clip, see you soon!