Love this song, cinematography and dance by Brian Puspos and crew! Love the Quentin Tarantino-esque gas station setting and cowboy vibes.

Clean dancing and tons of fun. Highlights include the contrast between quick sharp movements and chill-slow.  And that gun motion at 2:19! wooo!

As always, Brian is on POINT with top notch lyricism and character. You can’t help but enjoy how much he feels the tune and dance!


Come Into My Room

I can’t remember if I’ve already posted this one but if I have it’s worth watching twice. Nay, THREE TIMES (or more!) Beautiful choreography to Mavado’s Dancehall tune Come Into My Room. Laure absolutely KILLS it. Pure attitude and incredible body control.

Her routine oozes sex and character.

Yeah, she’s DANGEROUS.

Lean On

It’s definitely not legal to be THIS good. This dance routine by Kinjaz to Lean On by Major Lazer @ DJ Snake featuring MØ is nothing short of spectacular. The lines are clean as fuck, the backdrop is beautiful (that waterfall!) and the lyrical interpretation through playful movements… beautiful!

The entire thing is so clean it’s dirty. Have fun!

Amarulah Choreography

Love this choreography and this crazy catchy tune. Yes, watching this vid spawned many hours combing through African music videos on Youtube. I love how this crew demonstrates some of the popular dance styles present in Africa today. Bring any of these moves onto the dancefloor and you’ll be  FIRE HOT!

Of the different styles, which is your favourite? I love them all – it’s the attitude and character that really spices up the moves. Alkayida and Ngololo have got to be my top ones.

Now to dance!

Terry SalsAlianza & Amely Killing It

Terry SalsAlianza is one motherfucking cool dude.

The way he feels musicality and emotes with every fiber of his being. DAMN!

If you want to know how salsa is done right, look no further cause this video is amazing and so full of fun. A touch of class here and there, sprinkle some sexiness. Okay we have magic.

And yes. Amely also dances full of flavour and life. She’s effortlessly beautiful.

Enjoy yourself!

Azonto & Alkayida Choreo

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted, time to jump back into it!

This one’s a fun little choreography from Switch at Francis Brako on Youtube. It incorporates elements of two popular Ghanaian dance styles – Azonto and Alkayida.

Nothing’s crazy complicated but that’s what I love about this video. It’s a lot of fun and the moves are extremely easy to recreate and learn from. It’s an absolute boatload of happiness when danced in groups!

Hope you enjoy this clip, see you soon!


La La La

Haven’t really had a chance to post lately, forgive me!

Today we bring you an amazingly fun and entertaining dance from Unique Crew on La La La (Kaos Remix) by Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith.

Immediately you see the fun and enjoyment of the dancers – the monkeying about before the choreography starts is testament to that!

Undoubtedly it’s the cleanliness of the moves that give this dance it’s cutting edge. It’s a beautiful blend of sharpness and fluidity.

The abrupt shift in style at the breakdown is also hilarious!



I’m back! Alaska was absolutely delicious but damn it feels good to have internet and access to the wild whacky world of dance and songs and hot saucy saucy flavourful numbers!

Here’s simple choreography on Jason Derulo’s Wiggle by Daniel Saboya. I love the crisp movements and the fun quotient is off the charts.

Of course, what steals the show is that magic spinning move during the “wiggle wiggle wiggle” which absolutely SMASHES my wiggle quota for the day.

How they wiggle so good like that is beyond me, enjoy!

Go Down

Been debating putting this one up cause it might be a tad TOO HOT for you peeps. But nah, great dancing is great dancing and damn Cassandra Fox can DANCE.

With a background and training in belly dancing, Cassandra brings a belly dance flair and style to this fusion piece with some sweet Trini music and that Caribbean spice.


And she absolutely OWNS it with her expressions and body language. Okay. The compliments just keep on coming.

Just love it when people blend their own experiences in dance with different musical traditions and styles, always cool to see people’s own individual takes on any tune.

Keep dancing Cassandra, you’ve amazing.