Amarulah Choreography

Love this choreography and this crazy catchy tune. Yes, watching this vid spawned many hours combing through African music videos on Youtube. I love how this crew demonstrates some of the popular dance styles present in Africa today. Bring any of these moves onto the dancefloor and you’ll be  FIRE HOT!

Of the different styles, which is your favourite? I love them all – it’s the attitude and character that really spices up the moves. Alkayida and Ngololo have got to be my top ones.

Now to dance!

Azonto & Alkayida Choreo

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted, time to jump back into it!

This one’s a fun little choreography from Switch at Francis Brako on Youtube. It incorporates elements of two popular Ghanaian dance styles – Azonto and Alkayida.

Nothing’s crazy complicated but that’s what I love about this video. It’s a lot of fun and the moves are extremely easy to recreate and learn from. It’s an absolute boatload of happiness when danced in groups!

Hope you enjoy this clip, see you soon!



Definitely been digging and exploring African dance styles lately. This one is choreography by LipStik Bandits on Davido’s Skelewu – my current Nigerian dance tune obsession.

The interplay between the dust-evoking rhythms, the delicate bell-like sounds and the infectiously catchy melody elevates Skelewu to the upper echelons of “irresistibly danceable” in my books.

From the dance itself, I found it fascinating how at 0:17 the dancers move back and forth pivoting their heel-toes in a way reminiscent to the Charleston dance which took America by storm during the 1920s. It’s always amazing to see how different dance styles have influenced each other across time and space!

Stylistically, this is my favourite rendition of Skelewu I’ve ever seen. This is due in large part to  the powerful assertive movements which these two wonderful dancers harness to interpret and feel the music. There’s a ton of feeling and it’s incredibly evident during the refrains where both dancers move as if they’re “playing” the instruments. I wish I could move my knees like that.

It’s a sexy dance for sure – one that suggests you’ll have to bring your A game to stand a whiff of a chance on the dance floor.

Enjoy, comment, like and share!

African Skank

K5 does a dance choreography on JJC’s African Skank!

The African response to the Cha Cha Slide, this song is chalk full of fun vibes and moves. Let go and dive into it, shake off your worries and show off the African Zombie!

First stop, Ghana. Twist. Point.


Switch it up, Etigi! Stomp! That’s Nigeria.

Bring it to Kenya, jump! Massai!

What’s a dance look like when your body’s on fire and your face is scrunched up ugly, real ugly?


Journey down to South Africa, Kwaito!


And that’s the African Skank.


A-Z of African Dance

Inspired by the Habari African Festival at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, I wanted to find out more about African dance styles and moves, and this video is just the ticket. Thank you to The Dance Hall from Senegal for this visual and inspiring sample platter of African dance styles!

It’s awesome to see the similarities and influences taken from some of these African dances in the development of Latin dance as well as present day Hip Hop.