Afro-Peruvian Dance!

Inspired by a recent dance experience I had at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre (if you’re in Toronto you should definitely come by! Every Thursday 7-10 pm from now until September there’s FREE live music and dancing to be had – ridiculously fun and adorable).

Afro-Pervuian music with dance choreography by Amani Manning.

It was hilarious to see that most people (myself included) had absolutely no idea how to dance to the amazing afro-peruvian music filled with expressive warm rhythms because we were under the strange perception that all of Latin-America was Salsa and salsa ONLY.

As you can see here, we couldn’t be more wrong.

With grounded moves that draw power from the Earth, Afro-Peruvian dance of this style can be characterized by the intimate relationship between the dancer and his/her surroundings.

The blending of two distinct music and dance cultures of Latin origins and African roots. A celebration of dance and life, FESTEJO!