I can’t believe I only just discovered the beastly Queen of Polyswagg Parris Goebel. She’s an amazing choreographer and dancer who puts 140% personality and attitude into her dances. Her dances are full of power, control and grace. And a few bucketfuls of effortless cool.

This dance showcases Parris Goebel and her crew’s interpretative and unique ways of dancing. Each dancer injects elements of their own personality into the choreo and it’s a beautiful blend of technique + emotion.

You know it, you know it.


Azonto & Alkayida Choreo

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted, time to jump back into it!

This one’s a fun little choreography from Switch at Francis Brako on Youtube. It incorporates elements of two popular Ghanaian dance styles – Azonto and Alkayida.

Nothing’s crazy complicated but that’s what I love about this video. It’s a lot of fun and the moves are extremely easy to recreate and learn from. It’s an absolute boatload of happiness when danced in groups!

Hope you enjoy this clip, see you soon!


La La La

Haven’t really had a chance to post lately, forgive me!

Today we bring you an amazingly fun and entertaining dance from Unique Crew on La La La (Kaos Remix) by Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith.

Immediately you see the fun and enjoyment of the dancers – the monkeying about before the choreography starts is testament to that!

Undoubtedly it’s the cleanliness of the moves that give this dance it’s cutting edge. It’s a beautiful blend of sharpness and fluidity.

The abrupt shift in style at the breakdown is also hilarious!


Cooler Than Me

Kyle Hanagami & Nick DeMoura choreograph a quick routine to Mike Posner’s Cooler Than Me, and it’s an incredible joy to watch.

One of my favourite things about this dance in particular is the slight differences in interpretation between Kyle and Nick. Even though it’s the same dance and the same song, Kyle and Nick manage to inject snippets of their own personality to flavor the piece differently. Kyle’s movements have a trace of fluidity and smoothness contrasting Nick’s sharp, crisp, controlled moves.

And then Kristen gets shirty 😉

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Ladies Choice

immaBEAST brings out the ladies in this piece that’s shot beautifully and edited with cinematography in mind!

There’s sass, attitude, energy, scary-freaky-awesome, and a bit of GirlBOSS flying everywhere.

Anyone who said the ladies can’t go as hard as the fellas…

Yeah right.


Kyle Hanagami choreographs Beyonce’s YONCE in sleek, seductive, sexy black and white.

This dance is interesting in that the backup fellas are understated but oh so necessary! They let the female lead dancer show off her unique personality and sexuality by providing a solid backdrop to compliment her bounce.

And yeah, she does really steal the show! The moves convey 150% attitude.

She owns it. She knows it. Your turn.

I love how she’s so casual yet juxtaposes those slow deliberate movements with sharp, crisp, cutting, “here I am” moments. Simultaneously inviting, dangerous, immensely feminine, incredibly powerful.

And the way she utilizes her clothes (specially that BLAZER) in the routine! DAYUUUUUUM.

That’s FIRE.

Odd Look

Again, it’s the Quick Crew, a bit different. No more hats. Still vibing strong.

Odd Look by Kavinsky ft. The Weeknd.

So the first half of the video is just the crew strolling around their turf and city, and artsy-Drive-esque cinematography. I’m not a hater. It’s got the perfect late-night-early-morning-it’s-all-the-same-feel.

Matching outfits! Quick Crew really loves this synchronicity thing.

Okay okay the actual dance itself. With all due respect, no way Gosling can pull this off. I love the way they utilize their amazingly artistic environment and surroundings to great effect, amplifying the dark sensual mood of the song and piece.

From chill and languid transitioning to crisp and crackling with maneuvers that are smooth as silk. I’m digging it. It’s also wicked cool how in the final shot, the light illuminates the silhouettes of these guys ever so slightly, like they’re literally radiating from the power of their dance.

The only thing odd about this is why you haven’t looked yet!

Hit Em Up

Ian Eastwood turns up the heat on his rendition of Hit Em Up by Tyga.

Attitude. Fun. and Timberlands. What more could you ask for?

How about a dance choreograph that rides tight on the flow, clean as a whistle and ain’t fraid to get LOW. Love the playful little story-element to the shot and how the moves are so on point with the lyrics! It’s really a story told through movement. That GUN MOTION THO. So. So. Clean.

Les Twins

These guys have so much fun and personality in their dancing!

Coupled with impeccable technique, pinpoint sense of rhythm, and also perfect understanding of each other’s kinetic motion … when Les Twins bring on their A-game. It’s done. Pack your bags kids. Holy flying turtles of saint elmo’s fire these guys are GOOD.

Normally a lot of the “showier” stuff in dance just doesn’t appeal to me, period.

But Les Twins have that unique ability to make even the most difficult maneuvers seem effortless and simple, and an absolute freaking delight. It is this trait, in tandem with their playful (“don’t fuck wit us”) attitude that allows this dynamic duo to strike a passionate chord in our helpless dance-loving souls. Les Twins, everybody.

They are as swift as the coursing river.

With all the force of a great typhoon.

With all the strength of a raging fire.


King of the Dancehall

Shakira the Queen and Beenie Man the King, we got ROYALTY UP IN DIS!

With ridiculously fun dancehall choreography by Camron One-Shot, there’s attitude bursting out in spades. Earthy movements, unwavering confidence. And that’s the whole point of this one.

Pure. Unadulterated. Fun.

I can just imagine an entire club jammin it out Camron-style. Yeah, the club would probably morph into a giant island-esque bouncy castle before your innocent unsuspecting eyes and then promptly EXPLODE BECAUSE DAMN WHY THE HELL NOT.

The choreo itself is short so you’ve got Camron killin it not once, not twice, but THREE times. First time you’ll be like “shit this looks fun!” Second time Carmon brings out the Starbwoyz, and it’s all “girls be watchin out”. Third time you got the Stargirlz. BOOM. Game. Set. Match.

Don’t blame me if you start strutting around your room all regal and shit proclaiming yourself da KING OF THE DANCEHALL.

I warned ya.