From Freeway Dance Centre, a Classical and Contemporary dance choreography on Ludovico Einaudi’s Divenire.

I’ll be honest. I don’t really understand Classical dance and I find it hard to appreciate, because my dance-sensibilities are almost always heavily grounded in the rhythmic beats of a drum or the smooth underbelly of a bass lick.

Nevertheless, this dance definitely adds another kinetic layer of depth to the already beautiful song. There is a sense of growth, of longing, of release.

This is a dance of freedom, of fighting against constraints and on letting yourself go.


Okay so this song actually spawns way too many awesome dance videos NOT to reference it over and over.

Now we have dancers from Berlin, Germany dancing to a cover of Pharrell’s Happy.

I didn’t know shopping malls could be filled with so much fun and energy! Can we please, please do this in Toronto. Damn.

It’s great to see all these different styles and interpretations of “happiness”. We’ve got contemporary, poppin, crumpin, ballet-inspired, breaking, ridiculous acrobatics… everything!

oh diggity I need to party in Berlin!

Feel Again

Normally I’d dive straight into the dance, but watching Zendaya and Val interact in preparation of their choreography just builds the story and makes the dance so much more fun (additionally, most of the other videos of this dance are grainy as beaches).

I’ll paint you the scene.

Dancing with the Stars. Big-ass TV show. Intense Competition. Zendaya. 16 years old. Untested. Youngest. Ever. Val. All Passion. All Intensity. Kickass. It’s ON.

There’s a lot of heart in this piece, a lot of flying up and down, and twirls, and. Oh snap Val has his shoe and sock game ON.

All in all, it’s a piece of chemistry and learning – a fearless attempt at something new and unfamiliar. Yeah, it won’t necessarily boggle your mind repeatedly again and again, but it WILL throw you into a loop of warmth and squishy feelings. You’ll want to jump outside and prance about like the flower child you never knew you were.