I can’t believe I only just discovered the beastly Queen of Polyswagg Parris Goebel. She’s an amazing choreographer and dancer who puts 140% personality and attitude into her dances. Her dances are full of power, control and grace. And a few bucketfuls of effortless cool.

This dance showcases Parris Goebel and her crew’s interpretative and unique ways of dancing. Each dancer injects elements of their own personality into the choreo and it’s a beautiful blend of technique + emotion.

You know it, you know it.


Bitch Better Have My Money

I can’t freaking believe how good this choreo is or how DAMN FIRE these dancers are! Tricia Miranda’s choreography is on point as always.

Three seconds in and it’s shivers all around. That girl in the middle (Jade Chynoweth) is an absolute BEAST. The expressions. Body language. Attitude.

If you need some sass in your life. Watch this. Now.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Come Into My Room

I can’t remember if I’ve already posted this one but if I have it’s worth watching twice. Nay, THREE TIMES (or more!) Beautiful choreography to Mavado’s Dancehall tune Come Into My Room. Laure absolutely KILLS it. Pure attitude and incredible body control.

Her routine oozes sex and character.

Yeah, she’s DANGEROUS.


Definitely been digging and exploring African dance styles lately. This one is choreography by LipStik Bandits on Davido’s Skelewu – my current Nigerian dance tune obsession.

The interplay between the dust-evoking rhythms, the delicate bell-like sounds and the infectiously catchy melody elevates Skelewu to the upper echelons of “irresistibly danceable” in my books.

From the dance itself, I found it fascinating how at 0:17 the dancers move back and forth pivoting their heel-toes in a way reminiscent to the Charleston dance which took America by storm during the 1920s. It’s always amazing to see how different dance styles have influenced each other across time and space!

Stylistically, this is my favourite rendition of Skelewu I’ve ever seen. This is due in large part to  the powerful assertive movements which these two wonderful dancers harness to interpret and feel the music. There’s a ton of feeling and it’s incredibly evident during the refrains where both dancers move as if they’re “playing” the instruments. I wish I could move my knees like that.

It’s a sexy dance for sure – one that suggests you’ll have to bring your A game to stand a whiff of a chance on the dance floor.

Enjoy, comment, like and share!

Make it NASTY

Nasty song and nastier choreography by the incredible Ian Eastwood on Tyga’s Make it Nasty.

The best thing about Ian’s dances are the humorous ways he interprets lyrics through movement. Motions are fused with fluidity, and the expressions on their faces! That’s how you can tell these dancers are really enjoying themselves!

Facial expressions – a small change but what a difference.

That’s that, enjoy, yeah make it NASTY!