David Zepeda & Paulina Posadas [Mambo]

Check out this video of On2  Mambo World Champions David Zepeda & Paulina Posadas at the 2015 edition of Salsa on St. Clair in Toronto!

They dance with such effortless grace and precision. It’s crazy how easy and smooth they make everything look. And how on-time and MUSICAL it is. They incorporate dance as a form of storytelling and it’s obvious how much more effective a performance is when it’s not just a mash-up of “super-difficult moves” but an emotional tale of awesome exhibited through dance.

That “mi Amor” and cheeky kiss at 1:17 is EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

Check it out. World Class performance level salsa.


Samba, Samba, Samba!

Amy Mills is simply incredible.

Her brilliant pink costume is glorious to behold. But we’re not here to see a fashion show. It’s her dancing that seals the deal.

And my oh my, what dancing that IS!

What stands out immediately is Amy’s love and feel of the music. She has the true gift of musicality. Couple that with an incredible infectious positive energy and superb technique… And you’ve got a samba queen ready to strut her stuff!

One of the best qualities of this routine is how Amy spices it up and alternates seamlessly between high energy, percussive samba dancing with┬ásensual hip movement and sudden slowing of tempo. The result? Power and fun when need be, sexy and passionate when the time’s just right.

And she works the crowd too! Okay. She’s damn near perfect.


Talk Dirty

Jason Derulo performs his summer blockbuster hit Talk Dirty live on Dancing With the Stars. Naturally, it’s flavourful and saucy!

How he has enough energy to both sing and dance at the same time in this environment is beyond me, but that combination of energy, hip hop ball room vibes. All potent combinations!

Feel Again

Normally I’d dive straight into the dance, but watching Zendaya and Val interact in preparation of their choreography just builds the story and makes the dance so much more fun (additionally, most of the other videos of this dance are grainy as beaches).

I’ll paint you the scene.

Dancing with the Stars. Big-ass TV show. Intense Competition. Zendaya. 16 years old. Untested. Youngest. Ever. Val. All Passion. All Intensity. Kickass. It’s ON.

There’s a lot of heart in this piece, a lot of flying up and down, and twirls, and. Oh snap Val has his shoe and sock game ON.

All in all, it’s a piece of chemistry and learning – a fearless attempt at something new and unfamiliar. Yeah, it won’t necessarily boggle your mind repeatedly again and again, but it WILL throw you into a loop of warmth and squishy feelings. You’ll want to jump outside and prance about like the flower child you never knew you were.