Afro-Peruvian Dance!

Inspired by a recent dance experience I had at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre (if you’re in Toronto you should definitely come by! Every Thursday 7-10 pm from now until September there’s FREE live music and dancing to be had – ridiculously fun and adorable).

Afro-Pervuian music with dance choreography by Amani Manning.

It was hilarious to see that most people (myself included) had absolutely no idea how to dance to the amazing afro-peruvian music filled with expressive warm rhythms because we were under the strange perception that all of Latin-America was Salsa and salsa ONLY.

As you can see here, we couldn’t be more wrong.

With grounded moves that draw power from the Earth, Afro-Peruvian dance of this style can be characterized by the intimate relationship between the dancer and his/her surroundings.

The blending of two distinct music and dance cultures of Latin origins and African roots. A celebration of dance and life, FESTEJO!


Enra – “Pleiades”

Simply Mesmerizing.

Enra, a performance troupe from Japan, seeks to marry the beauties of dance, technology, and visual art into pure amazement that transcends all three forms.

It’s almost as if you can visualize the energy and “meaning” behind the dance through the light and shapes projected on stage. It really is experiencing dance in an entirely new way. Almost spiritual in nature… Wow. It’s just an absolute joy to behold.

I’ll shush now and let you enjoy the piece!

I Never Knew Laundromats Could Be So Fun!

HelloGiggles shows us how it’s done. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Laundromat style!

Her style is all energy and fizzles of bubbles but yes. Mainly energy. Tons and tons and tons of ENERGY.

It is a dance born of steps. hand-waves. moves-synchronized-to-hand-claps, and a WHOLE LOT OF SHIMMYING.


Well kids, just watch!

Who’s on First?

I don’t usually do this. Two pieces in two days from the same choreographer. My man Ian Eastwood, someone get that guy an endorsement!

Flowing hot on Sweatpants – Childish Gambino. This dance is just freaking hilarious! You can tell that this crew loves jammin out together cause there’s wicked team spirit. Everybody bouncin on that same feel.

One thing I love about Ian Eastwood’s dances is how he loves interpreting the lyrics in often exaggerated and comical ways. Reminiscent of proper juicy acting, Ian tells the story of the song through every move he makes. Footwork is ON. All those rise ups and drop downs. There’s three hundred bucketloads of energy and liquid nitrous coursing through the piece!

Fluidity, fun, and a bit o CRANK DAT SOULJA BOY!

The Willow Dance

From MCTProductions, a beautiful, refreshing and romantic bachata take on Solo Por Un Beso by Aventura.

Of all the dances I’ve seen so far from around the world, Bachata gets my wholehearted vote as the universe’s most passionate, romantic, and sensual dance (if you guys know anything which rivals the mighty Bachata, feel free to suggest it!).

Bachata’s beauty lies in the simplicity of its movements flowing in perfect harmony with the emotions and feelings of the dancers. It is not a dance which tries to paint a “perfect picture”. Instead, it expresses and transmutes human desires, hopes, and love into bodily form.

In short, it’s delicious.

Delicate, light-hearted, fun, and passionate. All of these elements are present in the choreography, and… oh man, just watch and enjoy.

It’s not about showing off to the people around you, it’s about experiencing your partner, the music, and the dance fully. Embrace each other’s company, and revel in the warmth and fulfillment of being in the moment.

Of dancing. Of life.