I can’t believe I only just discovered the beastly Queen of Polyswagg Parris Goebel. She’s an amazing choreographer and dancer who puts 140% personality and attitude into her dances. Her dances are full of power, control and grace. And a few bucketfuls of effortless cool.

This dance showcases Parris Goebel and her crew’s interpretative and unique ways of dancing. Each dancer injects elements of their own personality into the choreo and it’s a beautiful blend of technique + emotion.

You know it, you know it.



Love this song, cinematography and dance by Brian Puspos and crew! Love the Quentin Tarantino-esque gas station setting and cowboy vibes.

Clean dancing and tons of fun. Highlights include the contrast between quick sharp movements and chill-slow.  And that gun motion at 2:19! wooo!

As always, Brian is on POINT with top notch lyricism and character. You can’t help but enjoy how much he feels the tune and dance!

Make it NASTY

Nasty song and nastier choreography by the incredible Ian Eastwood on Tyga’s Make it Nasty.

The best thing about Ian’s dances are the humorous ways he interprets lyrics through movement. Motions are fused with fluidity, and the expressions on their faces! That’s how you can tell these dancers are really enjoying themselves!

Facial expressions – a small change but what a difference.

That’s that, enjoy, yeah make it NASTY!