Smooth Operator

Pure brilliance and beauty. Lots of class and love in this choreography by Keone Madrid & Mari Martin. You can feel the joy and happiness bouncing off their bodies!

Check it out ūüôā




I can’t believe I only just discovered the beastly Queen of Polyswagg Parris Goebel. She’s an amazing choreographer and dancer who puts 140% personality and attitude into her dances. Her dances are full of power, control and grace. And a few bucketfuls of effortless cool.

This dance showcases Parris¬†Goebel and her crew’s interpretative and unique ways of dancing. Each dancer injects elements of their own personality into the choreo and it’s a beautiful blend of technique + emotion.

You know it, you know it.

Bitch Better Have My Money

I can’t freaking believe how good this choreo is or how DAMN FIRE these dancers are! Tricia Miranda’s choreography is on point as always.

Three seconds in and it’s shivers all around. That girl in the middle (Jade Chynoweth) is an absolute BEAST. The expressions. Body language. Attitude.

If you need some sass in your life. Watch this. Now.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


Love this song, cinematography and dance by Brian Puspos and crew! Love the Quentin Tarantino-esque gas station setting and cowboy vibes.

Clean dancing and tons of fun. Highlights include the contrast between quick sharp movements and chill-slow.  And that gun motion at 2:19! wooo!

As always, Brian is on POINT with top notch lyricism and character. You can’t help but enjoy how much he feels the tune and dance!

La La La

Haven’t really had a chance to post lately, forgive me!

Today we bring you an amazingly fun and entertaining dance from Unique Crew on La La La (Kaos Remix) by Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith.

Immediately you see the fun and enjoyment of the dancers – the monkeying about before the choreography starts is testament to that!

Undoubtedly it’s the cleanliness of the moves that give this dance it’s cutting edge. It’s a beautiful blend of sharpness and¬†fluidity.

The abrupt shift in style at the breakdown is also hilarious!


Touch The Sky

Kanye West’s Touch The Sky.

I love this song.

It’s the perfect pick-me-up when you’re craving that extra kick in your day. A musical antidote to bouts of mini depressions and energetic repressions. What a soulful, bouncy tune!

Always makes me want to a buffet at KFC.

“Do you KNOW who I am!?”

“I know I ju- I just said your name!”

Make it NASTY

Nasty song and nastier choreography by the incredible Ian Eastwood¬†on Tyga’s¬†Make it Nasty.

The best thing about Ian’s dances are the humorous ways he interprets lyrics through movement. Motions are fused with fluidity, and the expressions on their faces! That’s how you can tell these dancers are really enjoying themselves!

Facial expressions – a small change but what a difference.

That’s that, enjoy, yeah make it NASTY!

Jesus Walks

A live rendition of Kanye West’s Jesus Walks, and you’ve got John Legend on this one too. Talk about star power!

This song is chalk-full of raw emotion, power and soul. The inclusion of the marching band is a great touch giving the song a depth of warmth and shimmering brass.

Concerning Kanye’s evolution into his current incarnation, what’re your thoughts and opinions? Has he lost his way or is his ability to venture out and experiment with darker sounds nobody expects a sign of maturity as an artist?

Would love to hear your comments below, enjoy!

Cooler Than Me

Kyle Hanagami & Nick DeMoura¬†choreograph a quick routine to Mike Posner’s Cooler Than Me, and it’s an incredible joy to watch.

One of my favourite things about this dance in particular is the slight differences in interpretation between Kyle and Nick. Even though it’s the same dance and the same song, Kyle and Nick manage to inject snippets of their own personality to flavor the piece differently. Kyle’s movements have a trace of fluidity and smoothness contrasting Nick’s sharp, crisp, controlled moves.

And then Kristen gets shirty ūüėČ

Have a great day, (and for you Americans out there Happy Independence Day!) ¬†don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and share this blog!



Burn (Cover + Dance)

Mandy Jiroux covers and then dances on her own cover of Burn originally by Ellie Goulding.

The short video is shot beautifully (ALA tons of spinning and rotating), and it’s a large open-space that fits well with Mandy’s fluid movements.

Have to admit, the small segment from the bouncing-spinning-walking-back-so-cool yeah that bit. Definitely the best. I have an inexplicable urge to go chase after sunrises and relax till sunsets.