David Zepeda & Paulina Posadas [Mambo]

Check out this video of On2  Mambo World Champions David Zepeda & Paulina Posadas at the 2015 edition of Salsa on St. Clair in Toronto!

They dance with such effortless grace and precision. It’s crazy how easy and smooth they make everything look. And how on-time and MUSICAL it is. They incorporate dance as a form of storytelling and it’s obvious how much more effective a performance is when it’s not just a mash-up of “super-difficult moves” but an emotional tale of awesome exhibited through dance.

That “mi Amor” and cheeky kiss at 1:17 is EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

Check it out. World Class performance level salsa.


Terry SalsAlianza & Amely Killing It

Terry SalsAlianza is one motherfucking cool dude.

The way he feels musicality and emotes with every fiber of his being. DAMN!

If you want to know how salsa is done right, look no further cause this video is amazing and so full of fun. A touch of class here and there, sprinkle some sexiness. Okay we have magic.

And yes. Amely also dances full of flavour and life. She’s effortlessly beautiful.

Enjoy yourself!

Afro-Peruvian Dance!

Inspired by a recent dance experience I had at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre (if you’re in Toronto you should definitely come by! Every Thursday 7-10 pm from now until September there’s FREE live music and dancing to be had – ridiculously fun and adorable).

Afro-Pervuian music with dance choreography by Amani Manning.

It was hilarious to see that most people (myself included) had absolutely no idea how to dance to the amazing afro-peruvian music filled with expressive warm rhythms because we were under the strange perception that all of Latin-America was Salsa and salsa ONLY.

As you can see here, we couldn’t be more wrong.

With grounded moves that draw power from the Earth, Afro-Peruvian dance of this style can be characterized by the intimate relationship between the dancer and his/her surroundings.

The blending of two distinct music and dance cultures of Latin origins and African roots. A celebration of dance and life, FESTEJO!

Mas Que Nada

A live version of Jorge Ben Jor’s classic Mas Que Nada, by the master himself. I am absolutely ADDICTED to this song! Perfect for a sunny day, a rainy day, a romantic, breezy, any kind of day – you’ll be put into a chill relaxed mood for sure!

Absolutely perfect. Enjoy.