Love this song, cinematography and dance by Brian Puspos and crew! Love the Quentin Tarantino-esque gas station setting and cowboy vibes.

Clean dancing and tons of fun. Highlights include the contrast between quick sharp movements and chill-slow.  And that gun motion at 2:19! wooo!

As always, Brian is on POINT with top notch lyricism and character. You can’t help but enjoy how much he feels the tune and dance!

Touch The Sky

Kanye West’s Touch The Sky.

I love this song.

It’s the perfect pick-me-up when you’re craving that extra kick in your day. A musical antidote to bouts of mini depressions and energetic repressions. What a soulful, bouncy tune!

Always makes me want to a buffet at KFC.

“Do you KNOW who I am!?”

“I know I ju- I just said your name!”

Enra – “Pleiades”

Simply Mesmerizing.

Enra, a performance troupe from Japan, seeks to marry the beauties of dance, technology, and visual art into pure amazement that transcends all three forms.

It’s almost as if you can visualize the energy and “meaning” behind the dance through the light and shapes projected on stage. It really is experiencing dance in an entirely new way. Almost spiritual in nature… Wow. It’s just an absolute joy to behold.

I’ll shush now and let you enjoy the piece!


Yes. Balam Pichkari by Pritam Chakraborty is literally just one big party. The Festival of Colours whoooooo!!!

Wanted to share the music video here because it’ so full of colour and fun energy. You’ll be itching to run outside and throw colours at all your neighbors in no time!

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Clay-Doh

Clay-Doh is the MAN.

This video always brings a smile to my face, it’s Clay-Doh going absolutely bonkers to his own grooves in a shopping mall. It’s infectious fun and a whole wok-full of devil may care attitude. Freaking fantastic.

The best part is just watching him interact with the strangers around him, making them smile and brightening their days just a tad with his injection of awesome positive energy into their daily lives.

Okay I lied.

The best part is DEFINITELY admiring Clay-Doh’s infinite arsenal of moves and witnessing how much damn FUN the guy is having.

This is why we dance.

27 Dance Crazes from Music Videos

Purely for fun, a trip down memory lane!

Oh man so many CLASSICS! the Macarena, Mambo No 5, CRANK DAT STANKY LEG.

Yeah if you memorize these moves I can’t promise you riches, fortune, or fame, but I CAN personally guarantee that you’ll be hilarious at the clubs and on the dancefloor. Try bringing back one of these moves and see who joins in! It’s always hilarious when you swap and learn new moves with strangers! No need to take yourself too seriously just have fun with it!

What’s your favourite “move” from a music video or that you’ve seen around?

Comment and share with us!

Always love jiving to new styles.


Rewind the clock. Hands down my favourite Justin Timberlake tune.


It’s sizzling, saucy and steamy. Perfect for summer. With just the right amount of bounce, the perfect dose of shake, and one hell of a simple, catchy melody.

A song full of possibility, sensual and romantic. And with bite. I’ve always dreamed of this song heating up a dance floor for real, with the whole “it feels like something’s heatin up, can I leave witchu” bit… but. NAH MOST PEEPS WAY TIPSY OUT OF THEY MINDS TO PLAY ALONG.

Almost forgot that sexy BRASS RIFF MMM YEAH.

Work Out

Straight up I love this song. And this cover from VanJess24.

Work OutJ Cole.

It’s got a gruffness and about seventeen different levels of harmonizing, blues, soul, R&B, the whole package. This tune is just gonna steamroll through your speakers!

That’s all you need folks. Golden pipes. A guitar. AND A TRIPLE PORTION OF FUNKY SOUL WITH A DOUBLE SHOT OF AWESOME.

Their voices just drip richness and swagooooooooooooo EVERYWHERE.

Love it.

Happy – Telfaz Edition!

When Pharrell Williams first dropped Happy in the form of a literal TWENTY FOUR HOUR MUSIC VIDEO (http://24hoursofhappy.com/) I went ABSOLUTELY BANANAS. I must have heard the song an unholy amount of times because it was just so infectious!

Did I really spend hours upon hours of my life I’ll never get back on one puny music video trying in vain to find my favourite dancers?

You bet I did.

Unfortunately I don’t remember any of them right now (the girl at 7:28 pm and the swell gentleman at 5:25 am have got the feelin!) but oh man the joys and carefree-nature of their HAPPINESS! Their positive energy and groovy vibes just make you want to turn up the heat like sesame street and probably get arrested for causing a disturbance embrace freedom through dance!

So all that brings me to this version of the song by Telfaz11, it’s goofy, rhythmic, silly and over the top fun!

Highlights include the random interjections of Arabic, the relevant alligator, all the owl sounds, the 7th grade level hand-farts, and Middle-Eastern-inspired body rhythms.

Have an incredible day everyone!