Bitch Better Have My Money

I can’t freaking believe how good this choreo is or how DAMN FIRE these dancers are! Tricia Miranda’s choreography is on point as always.

Three seconds in and it’s shivers all around. That girl in the middle (Jade Chynoweth) is an absolute BEAST. The expressions. Body language. Attitude.

If you need some sass in your life. Watch this. Now.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


What a Hip Sway Can Do

Awesome dance choreography by Dance Centre Myway from Kiev, Ukraine!

I’m not really well-versed in jazz funk but damn. Loving the musicality and how much Vitaly and Maria are clearly enjoying the piece! The dance is squeaky clean, with pops at all the right places. There’s attitude, energy, and a whiff of cheekiness. That’s the recipe I do like.

Personally, it’s all about those smooth subtle hip movements…understated, but, like top quality dim sum – STEAMY.