Samba, Samba, Samba!

Amy Mills is simply incredible.

Her brilliant pink costume is glorious to behold. But we’re not here to see a fashion show. It’s her dancing that seals the deal.

And my oh my, what dancing that IS!

What stands out immediately is Amy’s love and feel of the music. She has the true gift of musicality. Couple that with an incredible infectious positive energy and superb technique… And you’ve got a samba queen ready to strut her stuff!

One of the best qualities of this routine is how Amy spices it up and alternates seamlessly between high energy, percussive samba dancing with┬ásensual hip movement and sudden slowing of tempo. The result? Power and fun when need be, sexy and passionate when the time’s just right.

And she works the crowd too! Okay. She’s damn near perfect.



Mas Que Nada

A live version of Jorge Ben Jor’s classic Mas Que Nada, by the master himself. I am absolutely ADDICTED to this song! Perfect for a sunny day, a rainy day, a romantic, breezy, any kind of day – you’ll be put into a chill relaxed mood for sure!

Absolutely perfect. Enjoy.